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Vote For Us!

If you're not familiar with them, Mud Connector and Top Mud Sites are websites that have lists of muds/mucks/mushes/etc.

They also rank them based on votes from players. Like you. and you. and you. and even ...whoever that is over there. Read more »

New Forum Theme

You may have noticed in recent weeks a new theme for the forums that is slightly more in keeping with the main body of the website. It's been sort of my pet project for the last several weeks and as of this writing I believe I've finally gotten it to the point where everything works as intended.

However! I am going to be completely honest with you! I don't know the first thing about web development, and it's possible that there are lots of things that I have broken or browsers in which everything looks atrocious. To that end, I would be greatly appreciative if you could let me know about any possible bugs you find with the new forum skin. I can be contacted by email (, in-game page mail, or by forum message.

Website Performance Adjustments

I didn't like the website's response time, it seemed slower than it should be, so I did some checking on our settings this morning. Read more »

Website Software Updated!

We updated the software that runs our website this morning. If you were up early enough you may have noticed the brief downtime of the website while I upgraded the CMS software, Drupal.

Let us know if anything seems out of place via either the in-game commands (bug, typo, gripe, idea, compliment) or the web-based request system (

Faulty Routers and Late Night Outages

Last night around 12:30AM central time1, a key router/switch at our hosting provider's network had to be taken down to be replaced. This caused the muck and its website/forums to be inaccessible for about an hour last night.

We're back up and running and should be healthy from here. Thanks for your patience!

  • 1. 1:30AM eastern, 11:30PM mountain, 10:30PM pacific, 5:30AM GMT

Website Facelift!

Since you're here at the website, you should notice something different about it. A couple of things right away, and then some more...if you don't...I'll assume you're a new player and just hadn't seen the old look. During staff discussions, we decided the old look needed to go... Read more »

New Forums

Upon the realization that we would be unable to resurrect our old forums, the staff have decided to bite the bullet and start from scratch. Feaelin very kindly spent some time tonight setting up some new forums, which can be reached at:

They're somewhat empty at the moment, so please come take a look. Accounts have been transferred from the game; you can log on with the username and password of any of your current MUCK characters.

If you have any suggestions for or comments about the forums, feel free to contact any of the staff.

The Spammers are Coming!

Apparently, we've attracted a few spam agents. Over the last few days, our humble forums have attracted registrations from users who are obviously registering specifically to post spam messages or advertise spamfully in their profiles. So far, nothing drastic has happened and we've caught the fraudulent users before they could post anything. Read more »

Sayonara Web Request Forms!

Praise be! We've dumped the online request forms, once and for all!

Most players probably don't realize just how much of a headache the web-based request forms were for those of us on staff. They served their purpose well enough for over two years, and by that token they were a good thing... But they funnelled the request information to an E-mail account that has been plagued with some of the most reprehensible spam mail most of us have ever had the misfortune to read. Even the SUBJECT lines were offensive. Read more »

New Website!

Welcome to our new website! NarniaMUCK is proud to introduce its first major change for 2008: a switch from the old graphical/HTML format to this sleek, content-managed site! Read more »

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