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New Policy Regarding Free E-mail Addresses

As many of you no doubt know, NarniaMUCK has long held to a strict 'no non-free E-mail' policy with regard to new character registrations. This policy was originally enacted when the game still 'lived' in Denmark, as Danish law required it. The game has since moved to the USA, but we've elected to keep the policy because it keeps our players safer and cuts down on headaches for us. Free-E-mail providers enable users to change identities too easily, whereas paid E-mail accounts are tied to someone specific. Read more »

Would you like to be staff?

With such illustrious company as that we've presented here, it's no surprise that we often get inquiries from people who are interested in a position on our staff.  We actually appreciate those who inquire, as we feel the first and most important quality of a staff member is an actual desire to BE on staff. After all, let's face it: while the work environment is awesome and top-notch, and the co-workers are second-to-none, the payscale leaves a bit to be desired. Therefore, working as staff truly is a labor of love, and assurances of that love go a long way. Read more »

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