Server News

Server Outage explained

  • Sometime around 12:45am, the server rebooted. Cause unknown, trying to determine what the cause was.
  • ...

The MUCK has moved!

We are now at port 2050.  Join us there!

Server Concerns

Many are asking about the server instability that has plagued us for the last few weeks. I just wanted to address that here, for those who are concerned, and explain what measures are currently being taken to prevent it from continuing. Read more »

Server is Back Up

New hard drive is in the server, and things are rebuilt. The MUCK is up, though a little shaky. We're keeping an eye on things until we can get a good set of eyes on things.


Those who were online tonight already know this, but for those who weren't and our visitors:

Narnia MUCK's server died tonight... Read more »

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