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Server Outage

A couple of nights ago around 8pm-cst, we had a brief (about an half hour) outage. I'd like to have a grand story to tell how there was a technical difficulty that through grand ingenuity and general cleverness I was able to resolve in thirty minutes or less.

Unfortunately...such a tale would be entirely apocryphal. What actually happened is that I messed up. Messed up1 badly enough it brought the server down for thirty minutes.

To everyone who was connected or was trying to connect while the server was down, I'm sorry! I can't make up that lost RP time, but we are taking steps to make sure that sort of thing doesn't happen again.

On the upside--it revealed a problem with the way we have the forums set up. If the game is down, no one can log into the forums. I think that's a bad thing--it interferes with communication at a time when we need more communication, not less. We'll be looking into ways to fix the problem.



  • 1. Yes...I know you're curious. But I'm embarrassed and ashamed--so this is as much as I'm willing to talk about it. Endure the curiousity. Smile

Server Reboot and Memory Limits

Yesterday at 7:13pm central time, the server rebooted. I've not been able to determine why yet.

However, during the course of investigating the problem, I learned that we're topping out on memory. Ready to play some math games with me? Read more »

April Fool's Day 2011 Ends!

I hope everyone had a great time yesterday! I know the staff had a great time dreaming up ways to transform NarniaMUCK for April Fool's Day.

Our normal NarniaMUCK server is back up at the normal ports. Just as a reminder: Read more »

Faulty Routers and Late Night Outages

Last night around 12:30AM central time1, a key router/switch at our hosting provider's network had to be taken down to be replaced. This caused the muck and its website/forums to be inaccessible for about an hour last night.

We're back up and running and should be healthy from here. Thanks for your patience!

  • 1. 1:30AM eastern, 11:30PM mountain, 10:30PM pacific, 5:30AM GMT

Server's Machine Crashed

Anyone trying to connect to the game this morning from about 5am-CST to 8am-CST this morning would have either timed out or gotten a "connection refused".

It appears to have been a run-away process that tied up the machine, I was unable to login into the machine and was forced to perform a reboot. As of 8:21am, we're back up and running.

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