April Fool's Day 2011 Ends!

I hope everyone had a great time yesterday! I know the staff had a great time dreaming up ways to transform NarniaMUCK for April Fool's Day.

Our normal NarniaMUCK server is back up at the normal ports. Just as a reminder: Read more »

Faulty Routers and Late Night Outages

Last night around 12:30AM central time1, a key router/switch at our hosting provider's network had to be taken down to be replaced. This caused the muck and its website/forums to be inaccessible for about an hour last night.

We're back up and running and should be healthy from here. Thanks for your patience!

  • 1. 1:30AM eastern, 11:30PM mountain, 10:30PM pacific, 5:30AM GMT

Wood-Crafting Contest Winner: Astera!

Congratulations to Astera for her winning contest submission to the Wood-Craft category in the Archenland Festival: wardrobes! You will now find wardrobes available in carpentry shops in both the "common" variety and "elaborate" variety for all your clothing storage needs. Thank you Astera, for your excellent submission idea!

Mobiles Improved

In the past, some of the mobiles (butterflies, traveling vendors, and the like) had the possibility of getting stuck if they somehow managed to get to a room they couldn't get out of. There was a mechanism in place for resetting them but later changes to the code broke that feature. Read more »

Server's Machine Crashed

Anyone trying to connect to the game this morning from about 5am-CST to 8am-CST this morning would have either timed out or gotten a "connection refused".

It appears to have been a run-away process that tied up the machine, I was unable to login into the machine and was forced to perform a reboot. As of 8:21am, we're back up and running.

Crossing That First Border

Anyone who's obtained a new character since the border system was installed probably has had this experience: You've @species'd, @desc'd, attrib'd, jump into the pool, and chosen your starting location.

And then you take that first step and you see: Read more »

Website Facelift!

Since you're here at the website, you should notice something different about it. A couple of things right away, and then some more...if you don't...I'll assume you're a new player and just hadn't seen the old look. During staff discussions, we decided the old look needed to go... Read more »

Archenland Festival Crafting Contest Winner: Priya!

Congratulations to Priya! Her recipe for Garden Vegetable Soup was selected as the winner for the Cooking category of the Crafting Contests at the Archenland Festival. You'll notice that it has been added to the game so that you too can learn to make it. Also, as an added bonus, Fischer's Tavern in Carmichael is now serving up bowls of Garden Vegetable Soup to chase away the late winter chill.

New Forums

Upon the realization that we would be unable to resurrect our old forums, the staff have decided to bite the bullet and start from scratch. Feaelin very kindly spent some time tonight setting up some new forums, which can be reached at:


They're somewhat empty at the moment, so please come take a look. Accounts have been transferred from the game; you can log on with the username and password of any of your current MUCK characters.

If you have any suggestions for or comments about the forums, feel free to contact any of the staff.

Archenland Festivities!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The time has come for a festival to mark the official end to court mourning in Archenland! Festivities will take place on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011. Read more »

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