June 2011 Featured RP: Rival Arrival

Representatives of Narnia's rival wolf packs, Ulfden and Winterden, meet after a nearly-hostile encounter with a giant. *Politics* ensue. Read more »

Coghill; Two For the Price of Zero


Townspeople to populate a Medieval-esque village in the heart of Archenland. No dragons (except on every eighteenth day of every tenth month of every sixth year), we promise. This picturesque locale boasts moderate temperatures year-round, as long as you have enough money to purchase coal or an ax to chop your own wood. We guarantee you the chance to work on your figure through strict portion control and access to your own personal fitness plan; blacksmith, miller, and vintner membership options are available. Enjoy stargazing through the roof of your thatched roof cottage and take the chance to spend quality time as a family while you and your loved ones join a weed-pulling society or start your very own pest-control business.

Apply today in person at Coghill Manor House, or send your references to Lord Shar and Lady Elriya. Spaces are filling fast, so sign up now. Read more »

NarniaMUCK's 10th Anniversary

Well, friends, many of you should have heard whispers and rumors about our Anniversary event occurring on Saturday, July 9th. Here's the skinny on what's going on and why it's happening:
NarniaMUCK has been around for 10 years! I know-- we were delightedly surprised when we realized this, too! It's hard to pin down an exact date for when to say the game began: when RP started really happening, when the first room was built, when Aslan was created... there are too many good options. So we decided to take the esteemed Wixenstyx's birthday (for our newer players, Wix is our longest running headwiz)-- July 5th-- and call the closest available weekend the anniversary date. Independence Day Weekend being out for obvious reasons, July 9th it was.
Now to the good stuff. What you really want to know, I'm sure, is what exactly is HAPPENING on July 9th.
In the forums, we plan to have some art and poetry contests, on which Melody or myself will be giving details shortly.
As Bucki has hinted at in her post "The Book and the Nook*, Coghill will be opening in Archenland in preparation for a very special event yet to be released (her post can be found at: http://www.narniamuck.org/news/game-development-news/building-news/2011/...).
Since NarniaMUCK has been around 10 years, that means that the White Witch has been dead 10 years on our Narnia timeline. For that reason, Narnia is holding a great celebration festival in Beruna Fair. There will be martial contests for you warrior characters as well several other contests for our more peaceful creatures, along with special items, dancing, and more. Several Featured Characters, including Lucy and Mr. Beaver, are scheduled to be present as well. Be sure to start prepping your character to make it to Narnia now!

We are very excited for this anniversary event, and hope to see all our beloved players present and enjoying the festivities. While we love building, developing, planning, and scheming, our great pleasure is derived from learning that you all appreciate the outcome of our work. Thanks for respectful attitudes, dedication to the game and each other, and clever, believable writing these last ten years. Let's set off another ten well.

The Book and the Nook

Greetings mortals! This is Bucki, your friendly neighborhood busy building beaver. I know I do not often post a lot here, but I’m generally around fiddling with a new project or trying to improve the game. I took a break to make an announcement. I bring exciting news!

I remember when I was first approached about building a new zone. And let me tell you, it’s quite the task. What you, the player, see are a plethora of rooms to romp around and RP in. What a builder sees are descriptions, exit and entrance messages, revisions, Easter Eggs, spell checks, grammar checks, and the ever present urge to make that room perfect. Looking back now, as the final projects come to a conclusion and we do a last walk through to make sure everything is spiffy and nice for the opening, I am just amazed at the project that has become Coghill.

I won’t lie, now that I have to share this little gem with everyone it’s a little hard to let go. By opening it to the public, it means that I must give up my darling to the mortals—the ones who it has been intended for all along. I guess that just means I need to make an alt there so I can be part of it! Coghill is my absolute favorite region in all Narnia and Archenland. It is simple, elegant, and beautiful. You will find often it described as form meeting function. There are so many things I love about it. (If you look closely, you may find the signs of a beaver or robin.)

I think, first and foremost, I need to thank Paxa for sharing this vision with me. It was her idea that led to this magnificent region. Also, my fellow builder Lydia who brought a fresh eye and a helpful hand. She helped pull all the elements together and make it ready for players. Also, my fellow wizards, Blackclaw, Melody, Antheia, and Emilia, who contributed to the building of manor and inn. Coghill is the testament to the wonders of teamwork. So, now that I’ve mentioned the nook… (There are so many great rooms I can’t list them all! Did I mention I want to live there? Oh! Don’t forget to look at the doors!) I suppose I should mention the book.

In the old school room, lying open on the desk, is a book. A beautiful, fully illustrated children’s book to teach your ABCs. A builder always wants to leave a mark, and since Coghill was not built in a day (or by me alone), I wanted to find a way to leave the paw and fingerprints of its crew behind. In this book you will find a collection of fun descriptions of the wizards who poured their sweat and tears into this lovely retreat.

So, as its opening draws nearer I hope I was able to excite you. It’s been a long row to hoe, but it has come to an end. Coghill is a quiet, close knit community nestled away in the woods near the mountains. (If you want a good idea of the atmosphere, think along the lines of Mayberry.) If you do not have an alt or an Archenlander, this is the perfect time to get one!

[Thank Paxa for the nice picture she crafted! Laughing out loud ]

May 2011 Featured RP -- Trianna's Bedtime Story

On a typical Narnian evening, Trianna the unicorn tells a story to one of her young charges, and (unsurprisingly) her audience grows. Read more »

April Fools Contest Results!

An overdue congratulations to Dalia and Niffum for tying in the April Fool's Day contest by noticing the most crazy changes! Thank you to all our contest participants and be sure to try again next year!

Server Problems

From about 4pm to 6pm (central time) this evening we had either dramatic slow-downs or outright outages with the server.

There was a runaway process on the host machine eventually required rebooting the entire machine to resolve.

We're back up and running now.

Server Outage

A couple of nights ago around 8pm-cst, we had a brief (about an half hour) outage. I'd like to have a grand story to tell how there was a technical difficulty that through grand ingenuity and general cleverness I was able to resolve in thirty minutes or less.

Unfortunately...such a tale would be entirely apocryphal. What actually happened is that I messed up. Messed up1 badly enough it brought the server down for thirty minutes.

To everyone who was connected or was trying to connect while the server was down, I'm sorry! I can't make up that lost RP time, but we are taking steps to make sure that sort of thing doesn't happen again.

On the upside--it revealed a problem with the way we have the forums set up. If the game is down, no one can log into the forums. I think that's a bad thing--it interferes with communication at a time when we need more communication, not less. We'll be looking into ways to fix the problem.



  • 1. Yes...I know you're curious. But I'm embarrassed and ashamed--so this is as much as I'm willing to talk about it. Endure the curiousity. Smile

March Review

NarniaMUCK Players:

If you see a staffer as you wander around NarniaMUCK, don't forget to thank them for the work they did during March. The staff achieved many things during the last month!

Probably the biggest and still on everyone's minds is all the hard work they put in to make April Fool's Day fun and great. I think all of that work paid off--I observed many fun times being had by players and staff alike.

They've also been working hard on another project--one we've not talked about much yet so it probably hasn't been on your radar--Coghill. A combination of construction project, code tweaking and writing, story writing, a lot of hard work has gone into it throughout March and before. I'm eager to share details with you...but I wouldn't want to spoil your first experience of Coghill.1 Wink

In addition to the big projects, there are so many tiny things we fixed in March it'd be hard to remember them all, much less list them all. Mining problems, new products for stores, new recipes, border costs that were incorrectly set, helping new guests, helping new players, documentation updated, exits fixed, ... this list could go on for a while. Those of you that have been helped by staff directly can probably think of specific instances better than I can!

So be sure to thank them for everything they've done! Wait. I want to be first: Thank you, Staff of NarniaMUCK for everything you've done in March!2


  • 1. Okay, maybe one or two. I'm pretty certain there's buildings. And some rooms in those buildings...hope I'm not giving away too much!
  • 2. Ha! Beat all the players to it. Oh. Except the ones that already have used the compliment command (in the game type: compliment Thank you, Feaelin!) before I even posted this. Rats! Foiled again!

Server Reboot and Memory Limits

Yesterday at 7:13pm central time, the server rebooted. I've not been able to determine why yet.

However, during the course of investigating the problem, I learned that we're topping out on memory. Ready to play some math games with me? Read more »

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