Vote For Us!

If you're not familiar with them, Mud Connector and Top Mud Sites are websites that have lists of muds/mucks/mushes/etc.

They also rank them based on votes from players. Like you. and you. and you. and even ...whoever that is over there.

So if you look off to the left and down a little bit, you'll see a box titled "VOTE FOR US!" with a little graphic for Mud Connector, and a link for Top Mud Sites.

Now I know you know NarniaMUCK is the best thing ever. But we want folks looking at the list at those sites to know that too. So whenever you have an idle moment, click on the links. Both sites allow you to vote once per day. Awesome! you can give us a boost every day! We'll be to -2,147,483,648 in no time at all!

Periodically, they reset the counts (monthly or every other month) so everyone gets a 'fair shot' at ranking high.