Would you like to be staff?

With such illustrious company as that we've presented here, it's no surprise that we often get inquiries from people who are interested in a position on our staff.  We actually appreciate those who inquire, as we feel the first and most important quality of a staff member is an actual desire to BE on staff. After all, let's face it: while the work environment is awesome and top-notch, and the co-workers are second-to-none, the payscale leaves a bit to be desired. Therefore, working as staff truly is a labor of love, and assurances of that love go a long way.

However, since NarniaMUCK is unique in so many ways, we do have to be a bit selective.  The game is different from other MUCKs in that it is heavily overlaid with extra programming to run the combat system, hunger, archery, magic, etc.  Someone who has a lot of MUCK experience would still have a bit to learn before they could be effective as a staff member on NM, so we have devised the following list of requirements:

  • The player must have played NarniaMUCK for a period of not less than three months.
  • The player must have played at least two different characters.
  • The player must have demonstrated the ability and willingness to be a fairly regular presence on the game.
  • The player must have earned their Associate of Building Arts on MUCK University*.

* MUCK University is another MUCK game that Wixenstyx set up early on to help her prospective staff learn the ropes for MUCK Building and programming. Since then she has handed the reins for that game over to Feaelin, who runs it now. The MUCK provides a basic explanation of how MUCKs work and how to build and do basic MPI programming. We highly recommend that all of our players give it a shot, just because building is a lot of fun.

University MUCK can be reached at: muck.universitymuck.org, port 2052