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When you cross into a new region, you receive a message telling you "You've crossed a border!". That means you've travelled around a day's journey. These are in place to help you keep travel realistic. If your character plans to travel, enjoy the journey and keep the timeframe to get there within reasonable limits. Your character needs a good IC reason to move regions--something more than "there was a lot of RP there". Are they traveling to see family? Are they a merchant with a new spice to sell? Are they delivering a message? There are great regions to explore and we understand it's tough to find RP at times, but
keep random travel to a minimum, and if you ARE traveling within your region or a nearby one just to map or for fun, please do it when there aren't RPers around, and don't bring that travel IC.


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I seem to be running afoul of

I seem to be running afoul of this, and not sure what to do. I log on, post an ISO, stay on for 12+ hours sometimes, don't get a peep, but if someone else logs on in a neighboring region, I get told its a nono, I shouldn't move my character to a region just because there's RP there and find a convenient IC explanation for them being there.

I grudgingly got an okay to do it if I didn't have RP where I was originally, but then must stay there. I got a whopping 10 poses of RP before the other person logged off, and for that my character is locked to that spot for 12 hours and can't move.

While I would be happy to pose that travel between regions takes awhile, being prohibited from RPing to me seems a bit appalling. RP has been so very sparse in the two regions in which I have characters. Instead of being encouraged to contribute to RP where it happens, this rule as it is being presently enforced seems to directly inhibit RP. 10 poses of RP over a whole day, and now I can't move to seek RP elsewhere does not seem reasonable and is making Narnia MUCK an unfun place to try to RP.

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This is why we recommend

This is why we recommend certain characters to new players, and warn players when they request a new character that is going to be in a sparser region (though we tend to do less warning if a player says 'I want to renew this species'-- as the assumption from that would be that you are aware you aren't going to get much RP at first). RP in Lantern Waste and Archenland is plentiful.

We have actually loosened these rules. There used to be a border system which made it IMPOSSIBLE to change regions more often than every 24 hours. We decided to try and leave it more to your discretion, but that requires an understanding that people don't generally just hop over to the next town for the fun of it, and certainly not to the next country.

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