RP Seminar Followup

This is VERY late in coming, but I still felt a followup to the Role-play Seminar in March was in order.

Topics discussed included:

  • Medieval authority structure.
  • Why there are no Churches of Aslan, despite the fact that Aslan is a Christ figure.
  • A typical day in Medieval manors and castles.
  • Whom to talk to in times of trouble.

One other comment came up that I felt was important to note here:

The ISO system is a great tool for calling up characters when they're wanted. As staff, we try to take any pleas we see for a given character a step further, too. We obviously know who plays whom, and we have a number of players on Instant Messenger besides. Therefore, when we see an ISO is up for a character whose player isn't logged into the game, but is active on IM, we'll send that player a quick message to let them know they're wanted.

Therefore, if you are not already in IM contact with the staff but you would like to be, page #mail me. Personally, I use Yahoo!, GoogleTalk and AIM. Others on staff use MSN and ICQ, I believe.

Thanks to all who attended! It seemed like we got a lot of information discussed and a lot of questions answered. The log should be posted in due course.