Danube and Anthony at Cair Paravel

The following log dates back to the first year of NarniaMUCK. Anthony was an Archenland knight who had come north to serve in the court of Cair Paravel. He had returned after a long absence just as Danube, an otter, arrived to report on an unfortunate event in Lantern Waste.

Reception Hall

You find yourself standing in a roomy, luxuriously-decorated chamber. By far
the most dominating feature is a thick, heavy table that stretches nearly
from one side of the room to the other and is surrounded by a number of
chairs. The chairs have ornately-carved arms and legs, and each is
beautifully upholstered in rich velvet cloth. This assemblage sits atop a
similarly-colored, thickly-woven carpet. The walls all around are decorated
with paintings depicting enchanting Narnian landscapes and the creatures that
inhabit them. There is also a massive fireplace along the north wall that
supports a heavily carved mantle. Many curious trinkets and decorative
articles sit atop it on display. This room is obvious a place where the Kings
and Queens can gather and feast with their friends in small assemblies,
without the tremendous ceremony of the Great Hall. There is an open archway
leading eastward into the southeast tower. There is also a less noticeable
door in the west wall that apparently leads out onto the south curtain wall
of the Courtyard.
You can go: Out to the Southeast Tower [E], Out onto the South Wall [W]
Basket of Apples
Basket of Bread
Peter enters, with Anthony walking along next to him.
Peter sits at his place at the great table. He helps himself to some bread and offers some to Sir Anthony.
Anthony nods. "What news, your Highness? I'm afraid that I'm a little out of touch with recent events."
Peter presses his lips together tentatively. "First, tell me of your travels. You are recently come from Archenland, have you not?"
Anthony leans his shield against a nearby chair, and sits down, facing the High King. "Yes, your Highness. I'd been away from home so long, it's..."
Anthony shakes his head, "I just needed to see for myself how things have stood while I was away. We hear so little..."
Peter nods. "Many things have happened, both good and bad. Aslan watches over us, I'm sure, but I fear I do not serve him as well as I should."
Anthony nods, "Perhaps, but remember that you can only perform your best, Peter. Somehow, Aslan arranged for you to come to Narnia. Simple do your best, and trust Him."
Anthony gives a little shrug of his shoulders. "Sometimes, that's all we can do."
Peter smiles a bit. "I do. Has our charge reached Anvard, do you know?"
Anthony nods, "Yes, Javinia arrived only a little before myself."
Peter hms. "I'm sure her arrival came as some surprise to our dear King Lune, as the message heralding her arrival went astray. I trust he was not terribly put out?"
Anthony looks faintly amused, "Over Javinia? She may babble his ear off, and the ears of every soul in Anvard, but otherwise all seemed well."
Peter looks greatly relieved to hear this. "She is behaving herself, then? Not snide?"
Anthony raises an eyebrow, "No more than one would expect, your Highness."
Anthony fights back a small smile, "Have no fear, I'm sure she'll pose no problem for the court of Anvard. We're a little more informal than you might expect." Peter nods. "How much of her situation do you know, good knight? Has she explained her reason for being there?"
Anthony shakes his head, "Actually, no, she hasn't, but I might guess."
Peter looks concerned. "By the Mane... Lune must think..." He waves this off. "Javinia's life was found to be in danger here." he explains to Anthony. "You recall when Susan fell ill after the feast?"
Anthony frowns in concentration, "Javinia was a suspect at one time, was she not?" He shrugs apologetically, "Forgive me, I spent so much time searching for Lucy that I was never properly briefed on events in Cair Paravel."
Anthony nods, "Yes, Starsoarer assembled the ingredients for her antidote."
Peter clears his throat. "Yes..yes, she was. No evidence was found to convict her, save for the assumption that she had served the affected pear to my sister. However, we learned later that the pear had been given to her by Hlao, with the intent that she would eat it and die."
Anthony blinks uncertainly, "But what possible reason could-- Why would Hlao hold such an animosity towards Javinia?"
Peter hms. "We believe, given accounts from the otter Danube, that he was charged to kill Javinia by the leader of the evil horde that still resides in the caves of Ettinsmoor."
Anthony's eyes widen slightly in concern, "But that would mean-- Your highness, has a search party been formed for the rabbit Hlao?"
Peter says, "Hlao has only recently fled, when the news of our strayed message to your own King Lune reached his ears. Edmund is forming a party in Lantern Waste, and I am forming one here."
Anthony sighs, "I'm still rather worn from my travels, but if there's any way I can help the search..." He trails off.
Peter sits up in his chair, "By all means, rest as you need. We have scouts out already to report back of news on our lost rabbit should he show himself. I expect we'll commence the search some days hence, and I should be gratified if you would join me. Your old sparring partner, Lady Journey, is patrolling the northern landscapes. I expect we'll travel that way, and I'm sure she'd be pleased to see you've returned."
Anthony sinks back in his chair ever so slightly, "Thank you, a few days rest might be in order." He nods his head at mention of the Lady Journey. "Actually, the Lady Journey and I met briefly, as I made my way back to the Cair, though she never mentioned the search."
Peter smiles a bit. "Our Journey has an agenda of her own at present. I expect she is more focused on that than on Hlao."
Anthony smiles, "Don't tell me she's finally seeking a mate?"
Peter coughs. "I couldn't venture to say. Quite honestly, I've no idea. No...Journey's preoccupation is with some evil movement she believes is about to commence."
Anthony cocks his head, "Did the Lady Journey tell you anything more about this 'evil movement', despite the fact it exists?"
Anthony drums his fingers on the side of his chair. "She wouldn't mean that 'something' lurking in the twisted caverns, eh?"
Peter says, "I can't say for sure. She doesn't seem to know, herself."
Anthony nods thoughtfully, "That's something I'll have to ask her."
Anthony sighs wearily, "Evil movements, and the search for a traitor. Please tell me there is some good news... somewhere."
Peter smiles a bit wanly. "My sisters and brother are well, and save for Hlao at this point I believe none of our subjects fare badly."
Anthony blanches, "S-sorry, your Highness. You're absolutely right, I have no reason to complain."
Peter chuckles, "No apologies necessary, Sir Anthony. It is difficult to look on the bright side in circumstances such as these. I'm prey to the tendency more often than I care to admit."
Anthony nods, "I imagine we all are, your Highness, at one time or another. Still, Aslan is with us... even when it doesn't always seem so."
Peter nods in agreement. "I trust your people are well?"
Anthony nods, "Everything appears quiet enough, which is a mercy..."
Anthony smiles ruefully, "Which reminds me of my reason for leaving in the first place. Hopefully I haven't received more than I bargained for."
Peter arches a brow. "Why did you leave?"
Anthony shrugs, "My father is the Senschenal (however it's spelled) at Anvard, your Highness. My elder brother should inherit that position in time, but..."
Anthony says simply, "I've never been one to stick around in any one spot forever."
Anthony continues, "I wanted to travel, to-- well, too experience a few things, before settling down."
Peter nods. "Travel appeals, I'll grant you that."
Anthony nods, "And a little bit of danger. It's never boring here, not as it was at Anvard."
Anthony shrugs, "Though now, I imagine that we could all do with a bit of quiet."
Windsailer comes trotting through the east archway.
Windsailer trots in, looking earnest, "Your majesty..."
Peter glances at Anthony with an expression that agrees while doubting quiet will be a good description of his life anytime soon. "Windsailer! Hello!"
Windsailer bows. "The otter Danube has arrived and is waiting in the Great Hall, High King." He looks up, "He looks quite...disheveled. I believe he may need a healer."
Peter stands. "I see.. Sir Anthony, I should see to this. You may join me, if you wish?"
Peter says, "Windsailer, tell him I shall be with him shortly. Tell him Sir Anthony is here as well, and ask if he minds that he listens in."
Windsailer nods and swings round, trotting out.

The Great Hall of Cair Paravel
You stand in a MOST impressive chamber. It is quite large, with greystone
walls that stretch upward to a high, pearlescent ceiling above. Tall, thin
windows in the west wall allow sunlight to stream in, adding a bright and
almost cheerful air to a room that might otherwise seem oppressive and
solemn. The floor is paved in colored tiles and neatly swept, and all around
you sit long tables and accompanying benches. This appears to be some kind of
banqueting hall.

Long tables are set up that run the length of the room, each covered in a
white cloth and set with plates. Candleabras are set at intervals, all of
which are lit and casting a nice, warm glow. Running down the center of each
table is a garland of flower -- gifts from the dryads and hamadryads that
inhabit the Eastern Wilds nearby.

Along the east wall, a recessed terrace sits about 3 feet higher than the
rest of the room. A fine table sits there, set with fine, golden candleabras,
china dishes and crystal goblets. Four thrones sit behind it, plainly
intended for the Kings and Queens of Narnia, as well as several
velvet-covered chairs intended for their high lords. A large, purple banner
with a lion embroidered on it hangs down the front, its matching golden
fringe trailing on the dais. A low staircase to one side leads up onto the

A large set of double doors in the west wall leads out to the Courtyard, and
peacock feathers adorn the marble surrounding. There are smaller doorways to
the north and south as well. The south doorway apparently leadss to the
castle's kitchen, for the aroma of something cooking seems to be coming from
that direction. The north doorway leadss to a stairwell.
You can go: Ascend the Dais [U], South Doorway [S], North Doorway [N],
Courtyard [W]

Peter enters, with Anthony walking along next to him.
Danube says, "Pearl will help me heal from the wounds. My heart and hope will be a bit shaky for a while yet. "
Anthony bows slightly to the otter, and looks concerned.
Windsailer nods. He steps aside as the king and knight enter. "Your majesty... Danube." he says, presenting the otter to King Peter and Sir Anthony.
Danube sits up and does his best to be presentable when he notices King Peter walking in. Yet, the otter is still a bit of a shambles with some torn fur, a few spots of crimson in the scrape marks (teeth marks?) and his eyes and muzzle wettened with some leftover tears.
Peter takes in Danube's condition with an expression of concern. "Danube... Who did this to you?"
Danube keeps his whiskers low. His gaze does his best to meet Peter's. He answers abruptly. "I had to! He threatened my family. I followed a.. a horrible monster named Julius, and hes somehow got something to do with the Izzun. He bade me bring you notice lest my family suffer a vile fate."
Anthony looks startled, "Julius? Why, we ran into such a creature during our search for your sword, Your Highness." he nods to Peter."
Peter's eyes practically crystallize, they become so hard. He looks at Anthony, "You know of this creature?"
Anthony nods uncertainly, "Yes, your highness, we encountered 'it' on our way out of the cavern system. The-- Julius attacked us, along with several other evils."
Danube looks between Peter and Anthony. He chirrups with a raspy huff. "I recall that Julius led me through HER castle. The evil domain of old. YOU would certainly remember the place, your majesty. I myself? I must admit. I only had HEARD of it in stories but would never venture there myself willingly. Until just today.
Anthony says, "But perhaps you should ask Windsailer, as he was in command of the recovery of your sword."
Peter rests his hand on the pommel of his sword, looking from Anthony to Danube and back as the two relay what they know. "Julius, then, is the beast that battled Windsailer nearly to his death. You and Muddletum made short work of him, as I was told.. Is that true?"
Danube woozily slumps. Perhaps the splotches of blood were tricklinga bit more than he or you had realized, and the exhaustion gets to him. He lays down as if to steady himself, but instead of recovering, he falls into a soft state of scattered and restless unconscious. (but of a good type if you know what I mean)
Danube has disconnected.
Anthony shakes his head, glancing first at Peter, and then Danube. "Yes, this Julius was already weakened from his attack on Windsailer. We dispatched him, or so we thought, but in all the confusion our aim was to escape with our party."
Peter nods to Windsailer. "Find my brother, friend Windsailer. We must look into this at once."
Windsailer nods and heads for the door.