July 2011 Featured RP: Ed and Lu Depart for Adventures

One brother, one sister, and an epic quest that involves lions, giants, and wolves...oh my. Ed and Lu have their one short day. The royals are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute, don't you just want to wrap them up in a big, sparkly bow and feed them s'mores? I do! *clears throat* Fangurling done.

South Wing Corridor -- Second Level
You stand in a long corridor that runs the length of the south wing of Cair
Paravel. The east wall is a series of tall, slender windows that look out
over the ocean, while the west wall has four doors, one for each of the
current rulers of Narnia. At the south end of the hall, a huge stained-glass
window sends splatters of colored sunlight all across the woven rug that runs
the length of the hall.

There is an archway at the north that leads into the Southeast Tower.
You can go: Southeast Tower , Peter <1>, Susan <2>, Edmund <3>, Lucy <4>

Lucy sneaks into the corridor, closing her door gently so as to not attract notice with extra noise. Her work boots squeak from relative newness, even with all her efforts to keep quiet.

You see an average young girl of about 17 or 18 years with a simplistic prettiness. She wears a simple green work dress and her golden hair is braided loosely with a green ribbon down her back. On her feet, she wears sturdy work boots.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about her is her engaging smile and apparent willingness to laugh with you. She seems as though she may make a wonderful traveling companion.

Edmund is already in the hallway, struggling to close the latch on what appears to be a fishing creel. His crown, his shield, his sword, and any other distinguishing items are out of sight, replaced by a soft hat and a plain tunic and leggings.

You see a young man around the age of 19. He is dressed in simple garments
built for wear and travel, though of slightly better cut then you might
normally see. He carries himself well, with confidence and an air of
amiability. He has a fishing creel slung over his shoulder, and there are no
distinguishing marks on him. He wears a hat which tends to give him a jaunty,
almost comical air.

Lucy turns around so that she faces the hallway leading to the tower and nearly jumps. Placing her hand on her chest above her heart and adjusting her satchel, she whispers, "Ed? Is that you?"

Edmund looks entirely pleased with himself. "Who else, Lu? Are you quite ready?" He teases her. "Where is the trunk? Where are the gowns?"

Lucy sticks her tongue out at him before replying softly, "I can pack better than that, Ed. But look at you!" She looks him up and down before placing a hand over her mouth to stifle the loudest giggles. "When was the last time you went fishing?"

Edmund strides up and down the corridor once so she can get a good look at the transformation. "With Pete and Father, the summer before the war. They taught me. I may not be as handy at it as the pair of them, but it will give me something to work on during our journey. One of the fauns loaned me his creel and pole gladly, since he just made a new one. It is more comfortable than I thought it would be."

Lucy tries unsuccessfully to stifle her giggles. "Well, that was that other place. This is Narnia. I daresay the fish here will be more of a fight, if only because of size." She twirls around to show her own transformation, her dress poofing out moderately. "I borrowed these from the laundry room storage. Thankfully this work dress is the correct size. No one should miss it. And with the events coming in Beruna, these ribbons were easy enough to obtain for my hair."

Edmund rubs his hands together, already looking forward to their adventure. "We should make some decisions before we start out. I wouldn't do this without you, Lu, but I would not claim it is going to be as easy as rowing on the Serpentine. You see things the rest of us miss, and that is what we need to do, but there is a line, and I have no intention of crossing it, or worse yet, asking you to cross it. He would not like it, for one." It is more than obvious who the 'He' in question is.

NOTE: The Serpentine is the river that runs through Hyde Park in London in case you didn't know.

Lucy crosses her arms, looking up at her brother. "Good adventures are never easy, Ed." She says pointedly. "But it is the opportunities that come through them that make them worthwhile. I hope you aren't saying all this to dissuade me from going."

Edmund smiles down at her. "Of course not, Lu. I know better, and I settled it with Pete before I even talked to you. You know how I feel about putting you in danger, but I am well aware that you can handle yourself when you need to. As your older brother, I am supposed to protect you, and I promised Pete I would. Part of that is letting you know what we are getting into here."

Lucy's slight frown settles into a faint smile. "I did pack my dagger from Father Christmas in my satchel." She pats her bag lightly. "All the same, I am not foolish enough anymore to believe that it alone can protect me. Has further information come that troubles you?"

Edmund shakes his head. "I would tell you. Still, I have to make sure nothing happens to you or Pete would let me hear about it. You spoke to the messenger first, right? I expect you have most of the details."

Lucy nods in agreement, "The fox. I wasn't sure if you had questioned him further to find something even I had missed." She sighs a little, her hands falls to rest on her hips. "I do intend to follow your lead, if that's what you're getting at, Ed. I don't intend to go anywhere on my own other than to use the water closet."

Edmund reassures her, keeping his tone light. "We are in this together all the way, Lu. I would not have it otherwise. I have no intention of giving you orders, and you see plenty that I do not. Yes, the idea is to have a holiday and to spend some time with Tumnus, but there is plenty of work for both of us while we are at it."

Lucy's hand falls from even her hips as she asks curiously, "Did you have something in particular in mind or are you hoping that something happens while we are in Lantern Waste?"

Edmund nods gravely. "Yes. I fully intend to catch enough fish to keep the kitchens busy for a week. That is my brilliant plan."

Lucy's hand comes up to her mouth as she chortles. "Miss Calya will love you for that."

Edmund muses teasingly, "I do hope all of Su's admirers enjoy carp for all three meals every day. I would so hate for any of them to leave early on account of the food."

Lucy smacks his shoulder lightly, even as she giggles. "Seriously, Ed. What do you have in mind?"

Edmund sobers at her question. He begins marking off the questions on his fingers. "What brought the giant there in the first place? Is he truly gone, and are there more where he came from? Why did the messenger waste time instead of coming directly here? What is Winterden's aim in offering to aid Ulfden, and is the quarrel between them buried? That is only part of what has me up at night."

Lucy reaches up and pats his shoulder gently where she hit him as though in apology. "I hadn't thought of all that even though some of it did occur to me. So it is your intention that we ask around without arousing suspicion and try to get some answers. Am I right?"

Edmund nods. "We see how matters really stand in the Waste. Why create worry when there is no cause? It may be that the giant was on his own, but it may be that he was stirred up by someone or something, and we need to know that so we can prepare the knights."

Lucy shifts her satchel again to a more comfortable angle on her shoulder. "That makes sense, Ed. I did figure that our elderly brother..." she smiles here at their private joke "...wouldn't let either of us travel alone and put off other duties unless this little adventure was an advantage. I wouldn't if I were him."

Edmund has to stifle a laugh of his own at her turn of phrase. "Pete trusts us to do what he cannot be spared to do, and he knows that it is difficult to deceive either of us. He and Su have their eyes turned outward because that keeps us safe. You and I have to see what is here at home for the same reason. Besides which, would you have forgiven me if I went to see Tumnus without you?"

Lucy grins mysteriously, "I may be too old to place a frog in your bed, but I have other ways of expressing my displeasure if need be."

Edmund pretends to shudder at this to coax a laugh from her. "I do not even want to consider that, sister dear. Far better to just let you tag along."

Lucy giggles as he surely intended. "Very sensible of you."

Edmund smiles again, care already melting away the closer they get to leaving the palace behind. "I have to live up to my title somehow. We cannot all embody valiance; one of us had to take on the hard work of being just all the time. Sense is, of course, part of that."

Lucy nods once in agreement, "And that is why I am to assist you. I keep you from becoming boring and the wrong sort of grown up. You keep me from doing something terribly rash. We're a good team."

Edmund nods at this. "Always, Lu. We will not lie or hide ourselves to find out what we need to. Those who know us--will know us no matter what clothes we put on. Other than that, we are a brother and sister on a visit to a friend. That is true. If we walk in with all the pomp and ceremony and start asking questions, though, then our subjects get the idea that there is something to be afraid over, and we do not know that. We do not know much at all, as of yet, but we will. Besides--this outfit is far more comfortable than those fussy robes we have to wear most of the time. I might start a new fashion when we get back."

Lucy giggles, her boots squeaking as she shifts her feet. "I can see that. You do look comfortable, although it won't quite match your crown. Besides, Su would have a row with you over that. And it's hard to look dashing when Marshwiggles could give you a run for your money in style." Her expression becomes more somber at her change in topic, "I imagine we will be challenged by any patrols in the Waste at least, but yes, do let's not lie about ourselves. It will only complicate things later as well as cause mistrust from our subjects. And He wouldn't like it very much."

Edmund agrees immediately. "Absolutely. Did you bring anything which would serve to prove who we are if we have the need to? If we are challenged, then we go from there. In the meantime, this is the fastest and the safest way to make it to the Waste. If there are dark times coming, and I fervently hope they are not, then there is no need to put a target on ourselves. Imagine what it would do to Pete and Su if we found ourselves captured--or worse."

Lucy winces at his last statement. "We won't be." she assures her brother. "I thought to bring my crown wrapped in handkerchiefs as well as my dagger from Father Christmas. My reasoning was somewhat different though. I didn't know if we were returning to Cair Paravel before the Beruna celebration. I left a letter addressed to Lady Cadenza, my lady in waiting, that I had some business to take care of and that if I were not back by a certain date, she ought to arrange for some of my dresses to be sent to Beruna. I didn't want her to have to worry about sending my crown as well."

Edmund pats the creel. "I have my crown as well, along with my sword. I had no idea that these creels were so useful for storing other items than fishing poles. I may not have been with you when you met Father Christmas--" and his expression grows serious at the memory of why, "But I have no intention of letting you face whatever danger we may run into alone. If time grows short, we make straight for Beruna and meet with Su and Pete at the festival."

Lucy takes her brother's arm with her own. "Ed." Her voice is unusually serious. "What's past is past. I do not fear much with you at my side. I'm nearly as safe as at the Lion's side. But do let's travel before we think of ways to convince ourselves of our foolishness. Besides, my satchel is starting to grow heavy and we haven't even started yet."

Edmund offers her his arm as they set off together. A fierce look settles over his features, serving as a reminder that this king, young as he is, is a seasoned warrior who takes his role as his sister's protector quite seriously indeed. "You always know what to say, Lu."

Lucy hmms, "We shouldn't go out the main gates. We'd attract too much attention. Let's go out the other way."

The Laughing Jackdaw Inn
The antechamber of the Inn is quite a bit smaller and quieter than the
boisterous Tavern to the east. In fact, there is very little to see here.
The half-timbered walls are more or less bare, and the hardwood floor has a
perfunctory carpet laid, but it's so worn and colorless that the point is
rather lost. A few lanterns hang from sconces between cross-hatched windows,
and there is a kind of bar along one wall upon which sets a book, quill and
inkbottle. Beside these, you see a bell.

A set of stairs leads upward to the second level. The only other exit is the
door leading out to the Tavern to the east.
You can go: Up the Stairs , The Tavern
Boon, the Innkeeper
Wooden Bin

Lucy enters the tavern, looking rather tired.

Edmund looks weary himself. "I do hope the food is as good as I remember. They had Saffron bread, did they not?"

Lucy pats her satchel, "Either way, it's not as good as freshly baked, but I did pack a loaf or two." She appears somewhat smug. "See? I know how to pack."

Edmund rubs his stomach as if he is ravenous. "That is my sister. Always prepared. Good food and a soft bed is all that any king or queen can require."

Lucy clears her throat, "All most good people require." She looks at the inn registry. "It's been some time since we left home."

Edmund looks about to drop in his tracks as he gratefully takes one of the loaves from her. "I am right across the hall if you need me for anything, Lu. Otherwise, I do not expect to wake before full morning."

Lucy pays and gets the key from Boon. She smiles tiredly. "Goodnight, then. Sleep well. I am fairly tired myself and sleeping in shall not be amiss." She gives him a farewell hug and then trudges tiredly toward her own room.

Edmund can't help but remind her as they part, "Lu--make sure you lock the door behind you." He enters his own room and turns the key behind him.