June 2011 Featured RP: Rival Arrival

Representatives of Narnia's rival wolf packs, Ulfden and Winterden, meet after a nearly-hostile encounter with a giant. *Politics* ensue.

Napthalia's Meadow
You find yourself in a quiet, peaceful little meadow, sheltered to the west by
the face of the Western Cliffs, and to the east by a particularly thick grove
of trees. The grass grows tall and thick here, in clumps thick enough to make
an enticing mouthful for any grazing beast. Between the trees and the cliffs,
the meadow remains shaded enough to make it a nice, relaxing place to be.
You can go: West , Follow the Cliffs , Path into the Trees , Toward
the Pool
Rusted Kettle

Virika pads into the meadow, looking alert.

Nevarre sniffs around the meadow, gradually looking in all directions. Upon seeing Virika arrive, he says, "Any reports yet?"

Virika bows her head, padding closer. "Not from the area near the Plains. Should I procede towards the Holt?"

Nevarre asks, "Do you know what area Eirwyn was patrolling?"

Virika nods. "I saw her along the rivier coming from the Plain path."

Nevarre nods, "Yes, do so. If you see Eirwyn, tell her to monitor the gathering circle. I am watching the cliffs

Virika frowns slightly. "You know she wouldn't like you by yourself."
Virika says, "Especially if there's /two/ of them."
Virika frowns deeper, looking off in the direction of the cliffs. "Especially since Faol is with them now."

Zayev comes trotting out of the meadow to the northeast.
Drune comes trotting out of the meadow to the northeast.

Nevarre nods, "And I don't like her by herself either, which I why she is why I am staying closer to her location"

Virika smirks faintly and chuckles. "And why I'm left to run between the both of you."
Virika stands by her alpha near the center of the meadow.

Zayev comes padding into the area from the southwest, leading Drune. Walking strongly and confidantly, but quietly as he emerges into the meadow.

Drune follows closely behind his Alpha, scanning the meadow intently.

Nevarre stands in the meadow, talking quietly with Virika and scanning the woods. He sniffs the air and immediately turns towards the arriving wolves. He growls loudly and gives Virika a knowing nod.

Virika frowns deeply as she sees Zayev. Her eyes move to the other wolf. She howls and becomes rigid, shifting her gaze to Nevarre.
Virika throws back her head and howls into the sky.

Eirwyn comes trotting toward you from the north.

Zayev stiffens slightly at the growl and howl, but nod calmly enough, and focuses his attention on the other Alpha, "Hail, Nevarre."

Nevarre's hackles raise and he growls viciously. He says coldly, "Tell me why I shouldn't finish you where you stand?"

Drune's expression darkens a bit as he watches the confrontation.

Virika looks at her Alpha, body tensing. "Alpha..." Her voice is quiet and concerned.
Virika's gaze returns to the other wolves. She frowns at the one she does not know. She gives a small nod to the other. "Zayev."

Eirwyn pads into the Meadow from the north, her pace quick. She slows and pads pads over to stand beside Nevarre, holding herself tall. She narrows her eyes a little when she sees the two visitors.

Zayev hackles rise instinctively at the cold, harsh challenge, and his eyes flicker coldly for a moment with inner fire. After a moment he forces his fur back down and nods with a calm, controlled movement to Virika, acknowledging her, then to Eirwyn. But remans focused on Nevarre. When he speaks, his voice is flat, controlled to the point of little meaning entering his tone. "A war between the wolfpacks is scarcely best for Narnia at this juncture. We come with no hostile intent. But upon word of a Giant attack, to respectfully offer aid, if it is deemed nessesary."

Nevarre keeps tense and watches zayev intently. He says, "We were informed your alpha and her scout were arriving with such in mind. So then, where is she?"

Eirwyn gives a small nod of agreement with Nevarre's question. She observes Zayev closely, then asks, "Did something happen to her?"

Zayev smothers a growl just as it begins and eyes the three for a moment, "I am Alpha of Winterden. Blizzard, my mate, is ill and so has remained at the Den. This is one of my scouts, Drune. Was my message incomplete?"

Glora comes walking toward you from the north.

Virika's lips turn up at the name of the scout but she makes no sound. She looks tremendously displeased. She frowns at Zayev's news and remains near her Alphas.

Starfire comes trotting toward you from a grassy dale to the west.

Drune eyes the three wolves, his expression blank.

Glora steps into the meadow and blinks at the gathering of wolves. She looks at the unicorn and smiles brightly before looking back at the wolves and cocking her head.

Petraverd comes trotting toward you from a grassy dale to the west.

Nevarre stifles a condescending scoff. He says, "You? Blizzard's mate? This was not made known to us."

Eirwyn frowns. She casts a quick glance to Nevarre before looking to Zayev. Her posture is tense, but her voice remains even. "We were not aware that Blizzard had gotten mated again. The scroll did appear torn, and it said nothing of you. We were simply expecting Blizzard, as she was the only Alpha of Winterden we knew of."

Zayev looks somewhat suprised, but recovers quickly, "I had thought word would have traveled. It was not my intention to suprise you." he says, not an apology, merely a quiet affirmation.

Virika spies the cat. She gives a small nod, then leads to her alphas.
Virika mumbles "... ... ... ... ... an ... ... private ...", to Eirwyn and Nevarre.

Starfire trots into the meadow from the direction of the Dale. She pulls up short when she becomes aware of the presence of so many wolves, her ears swivel forward catch whatever sound drifts her direction.

Petraverd shakes his mane as he trots into the meadow from the north, halting himself with a confused expression as he notes the wolves.

Nevarre notes the gathering crowd. He growls slightly under his breath and says, "No, word had not travelled. If you wish to speak, I suggest we move this elsewhere"

Starfire lets out a faint whinny to her herdmate, having noted his arrival as well. Her glance is fixed on the scene unfolding in front of her and her brow furrows faintly, creating small ripples at the base of her horn.

Glora looks toward the two unicorns and smiles. She angles her ears toward the wolves again.

Drune frowns slightly at the growing crowd. then glancing over at his Alpha, questioningly.

Eirwyn nods her agreement with Nevarre. She leans toward Virika and says something quietly to her.
Eirwyn mumbles "... we ... ... conversation, ... you ... stay and ... ... ... ... that we ... the ... from ... ... coming?", to Virika.

Virika nods, her expression calm.

Zayev examines the gathering as well, nodding in neutral acknowledgement of them. Then quietly addresses Nevarre. "Indeed, perhaps the fruit copse. Or some similar ground that is somewhat neutral. But first, our primry reason for comeing." he looks to the others, "The wolfpack of Winterden had heard news of a giant attack, and come to render aid if needed. Is it?"

Starfire's ears prick forward sharply at this.

Petraverd returns the whinny, somewhat less faintly, moving to stand over by his herd sister, and his demeanor is almost uncharacteristically irritated.

Nevarre narrows his eyes, "As stated, we will discuss all matter privately. I wish not to further impede on the herd's territory"

Petraverd snorts a bit, observing, "I believe /that/ topic happens to be our business as well."

Starfire dips her head, lending her own unspoken agreement to Petraverd's statement.

Virika shifts and glances at the unicorns. She leans to her Alphas and speaks quietly.

Zayev pauses for amoment, scanning the others, and their apparent good health and state of non-panic, then nods quietly, assuming all must be well. "I mean no inconvienence, all look in good health. I will gladly move if needed."

Eirwyn looks to Petraverd. "And do you feel we need to take their hunters away from guarding their own territory? For this incident that was not an attack? They have graciously offered aid, but they have their own borders to attend to."

Nevarre listens quietly to Virika before turning towards the unicorns, clearly irritated. He adds to Eirwyn's comment by saying, "If you wish to inquire of us later, send word to the den"

Starfire interjects quietly, though firmly, "The security of the Waste is as much our concern as yours...and our duty is to inform our Dominant of what occurs just outside our front door, so to speak. You would expect no less of your own pack."

Virika interjects, "Then go speak with your dominant. No one's stopping you." Her voice is calm and almost tranquil.
Virika says, "I'm sure he'd be glad to speak with our Alphas later."

Zayev had opened his mouth to speak, but shuts it as Virikas speaks, looking to her in suprise,. But he closes his mouth to watch the situation for another moment.

Eirwyn says to the Unicorns. "And no one denies that. Then please, will you get your herd Dominant so he can come speak with us elsewhere? We would gladly have him be a part of this conversation."

Glora sighs and begins to walk away, flicking her tail. She nods toward the unicorns and Virika, but ignores the other wolves as she leaves.
Glora walks north, toward Cauldron Pool

Nevarre speaks to the unicorns, trying hard to remain calm. He says, "No information has been withheld from you and as Eirwyn offers, your dominant will be welcome to join."

Starfire gives a sharp, rather surprised-sounding whinny in reply before turning abruptly and making her way with haste in the direction of the Cail.

Eirwyn says to Virika. "Why don't you stay back here and explain the situation to the Unicorns, then join as soon as you're finished?"

Zayev quietly watches the exchange, looking calm.

Virika nods, "I will do that."

Petraverd scrapes at the grass with a forehoof, his tail thrashing behind him. It would seem he's holding his silence for the moment merely because he doesn't trust his mouth.

Drune shoots a glance over to Zayev, searching him. then he turns back to the exchange, keeping quiet.

Starfire trots west, entering a small, sheltered dale.

Zayev nods at the Unicorns' apparent consent and paces a step forward, "It is a simple matter, the question of aid. And a joint desision of The Alphas of Ulfden, and the dominant of the herd. There are other issues however, that are only of concern to wolves. these I will gladly discuss privately."

Nevarre turns and escorts the Winterden wolves away from the meadow with Eirwyn by his side.

Zayev follows quietly, alertly.

Nevarre moves, clearly tense and irritated


Along the Western Cliffs
You stand at the base of the Western Cliffs, the bluffs of incredible height
that mark the western border of Narnia. This area is shady, but open. The
trees of Lantern Waste can be seen just to the east, but the foliage here is
sparse and scrubby, the ground rocky and hard.

The cliffs continue northward and southward. Ahead to the south, you can see
an opening in the cliff-face.
You can go: South , North

Zayev steps calmly to a halt in the somewhat quieter area by the impossibly high cliffs, "I meant no trouble between you and your allies." he says quietly in a neutral voice.

Nevarre says, "There would have been no trouble if your pack had stayed out of these matters"

Drune eyes Nevarre, frowning slightly at his statment.

Zayev tilts his head slightly, "Perhaps, although a giant incursion is of concern to all the protectors of Narnia. And Information was limited. It seemed best to see if aid was needed. To express our peaceable intent."

Eirwyn glances to Nevarre. She says calmly, "We will work things out with them. You could have sent us a message asking if we needed help and for more information, rather than making the long journey here."

Zayev nods slightly in acknowledgement of that, "And if it had been, wasted 6 days of time." he points out.

Nevarre growls slightly, "That information should never have reached your ears in the first place. It was to go directly to their majesties"

Zayev flicks an ear, "Then you should have sent one less easily lost and more discrete than a fox."

Eirwyn again glances to Nevarre. She says, "We know that is no fault of yours. Perhaps we should return to the matter at hand. We can discuss matters of aid further with the Herd Dominant. Perhaps we should inform you of what actually happened?"

Nevarre says, "I will be sure not to send him again"

Zayev nods, focus then flickering to Eirwyn. "That would be well." he says, and though he still watches Nevarre, he seems to relax, if only a hairs-breadth.

Nevarre looks to Eirwyn. He takes a deep breath and turns to Zayev, "Since you made the jounrey, we might as well. To start, this giant /attack/ was not an attack. It was an incident"

Eirwyn nods. She continues. "Our packmate, Virika, and the unicorn Petraverd encountered a giant near the Lamp Post. It.. He spoke with them, and was looking for a bag. After a few attempts, they placated the giant with a bag with Petraverd's money in it, as it was after 'shinies.' It spoke of trying to take the Unicorn as a pet, but Virika convinced him that a unicorn would be too delicate. It then spoke of taking her as a pet. After further convincing, he left with what he came for, and no one was injured. It spoke of returning, but specifically of returning here."

Nevarre says, "The Lantern Waste Guard was able to effectively deal with it, causing no consequence "

Drune glances at his Alpha, watching his reaction.

Zayev tilts his head again, curious, "It simply left? And why did it say it would return?"

Eirwyn says, "It simply left. He came looking for a bag for shinies, he got one, and they managed to convince him that he had everything he needed. He said he might come back." She looks to Nevarre. "I don't recall what Virika and Petraverd said was a specific reason for it to return."

Nevarre shakes his head, "If nothing more, it would be to do what they do best- smash things"

Drune lets his gaze wander over to the east, looking thoughtful, but continuing to keep silent.

Zayev nods, "It has been sometime since the Giants were active, perhaps the incident semed more threatening due to its... oddity."

Eirwyn nods. "It was atypical of encounters with Giants. Any encounter with a Giant is threatening enough just for what they're capable of. But this incident ended as well as could be hoped for."

Nevarre nods, "Or so we hope"

Zayev thinks for a moment and nods, "Indeed. Be aware then than, if matters escalate, and aid is needed, the Winterden pack stands ready."

Drune turns back the the two Ulfden wolves.

Nevarre watches Zayev intently. He then says, "Your 'pack' and ours have been at odds since your's was formed. Why should we choose to accept aid from you?"

Eirwyn is about to respond when Nevarre does. She inhales deeply, but stays quiet to allow Zayev to respond.

Zayev looks to Nevarre as he speaks, searching him and then chooseing his own words with obvious care. "You speak truely." he says finally. Then pauses briefly again, to structure his words.
Zayev says, "Of the formation of Winterden I cannot speak to. Though I have heard much of..... the foolishness and dishonor of one called Frostshade. And of my own leaving, I was, as you may remember, barely a young wolf, inexperienced." he nods briefly to Drune, indicating him, "There are other stories I have heard as well, both of honor, and otherwise. Now, as Alpha, I think it best that an attempt is made to push aside the misunderstandings and bias of the past, and deal with mature honor. And judge afresh new actions. Narnia is stronger with the wolves not at odds."

Nevarre growls lightly his response to this, "I am not so willing to forget nor forgive so easily or so quickly. This Frostshade helped start your pack and allied himself with the wretch who took both our first Alpha and my predecessor from us" He spits at this before continuing, "Your scout," He gestures towards Drune, "Your scout had been banished from Our territory, also during my predecessor's reign. If I recall, a death penalty was place on his head if ever he returned"

Virika comes trotting toward you from the south.

Drune's face twitches slightly, his expression turning ice cold.

Eirwyn inhales deeply, calming herself. "It will be difficult for many. There are many scars, on both sides. But I do recognize that Frostshade is gone, and apparently his ideas are as well. Though I am surprised this 'scout' was even allowed in your pack, after abandoning Blizzard during an attack while she was still with pup."

Nevarre says, "An attack in which he left a trail for moor wretches to follow directly into the heart of Lantern Waste"

Virika pads in quietly. She does not look pleased. She stands near her Alphas, bowing her head to them.

Zayev's eyes narrow slightly at Eirwyn's statement, and he glances at Drune. Then back to Nevarre as he speaks. "Many scars indeed, " he says, tense for a moment and taking a breath to better control his voice. A slight growl having started for a moment when Nevarre mentioned the Death penalty. "Frostshade is dead, and unmourned. He was before my time and the only stories I know of him are how he betrayed Narnia through the alliance you speak of." His gaze narrows and he addresses Nevarre, "As for quickly forgiving? Ulfden itself has hardly noble beginnings. Or do you forget the service of the queen by the pack of the same name? Ulfden it seems has been redeemed. It is my task that Winterden be so as well."

Virika gives a low, almost inaudible growl at the mention of the Queen inadvertently.

Nevarre says, "You know much for one so young, I will credit you that. Ulfden's honor has been regained, but only after a decade of mistrust despite the pack's effort. I would hardly call that being quickly forgiven. You have much hard work ahead of you if you wish to accomplish the same"

Zayev simply nods, "Again, you speak true."

Virika listens quietly, ears swiveling and looking a little tired.

Drune glances at the younger of the three wolves momentarily, then looks back to nevarre.

Eirwyn nods her agreement. "It is good to see Winterden striving for the same. I genuinely hope it is not as hard for you, since your own pack's history is not as long as ours. I would like to see steps taken toward ending this bad blood between packs." She glances to Nevarre.

Nevarre says, "But your trust has yet to be earned. Your pack is made of mostly renegades who have left or been made to leave Ulfden. What of Faol?"

Virika gives a small nod to Eirwyn's words. She frowns deeply at the name of Faol.

Zayev flicks an ear, "What of him? He is of the pack, though has grown quiet, moreso."

Eirwyn gives a small nod to Nevarre's words. She pauses, allowing Nevarre to respond to the question without interruption.

Nevarre says, "I do not forsee any alliance being formed with him as a member of your pack. Whether it is simply malcontent, or more than that, when he returned to Lantern Waste after a long time and rejoined Ulfden, something was not right."
Nevarre says, "He had spent too much time in the moors"

Drune frowns, flinching slightly at the mentions of the moors.

Virika nods and speaks softly, "Be wary of him. His silence could prove dangerous."

Zayev's chest rumbles in a suppressed growl, "Faol spent much time alone, and his situation is much like the den itself. But he has been loyal to the pack. And helpful to its building of honor. I will not force yet more isolation and exile on him in return for his service," he says firmly,then continues, "Although I will keep him from the waste if you wish."

Eirwyn says simply, "I would prefer that much." She looks to Nevarre.

Nevarre frowns, "You are a young alpha and have much to learn. Each wolf has their own free will and can act upon it. You may try as hard as you like, but you will not be able to keep Faol from Lantern Waste, not unless his legs are shackled. Be wary of him and keep many close eyes on him. Knowing his every location is the only reasonable way to keep him from here"

Virika remains quiet, attentively listening to the conversation.

Zayev thinks for a moment, looking at the others, then flicks an ear, "I will make things clear to him. If he enters the waste against orders, there will be no protection of Winterden given to him."

Nevarre frowns, "That will have to suffice for now." He looks to the sky, the moon shining bright, "There is too much to discuss now, in addition to what Eirwyn and I must discuss."

Drune nods to the statement, looking distant.

Eirwyn nods. "I'm sure you have much to think over as well, in addition to some much needed rest from the journey. Do you remember where there are shelters you can find a safe place to sleep?"

Virika remains quiet and overall seems less on edge. She looks to them.

Zayev nods, "Indeed, east of here. Until matters are concluded then, may I assume Drune's penalty has been lifted?

Nevarre shakes his head, "That issue runs far deeper than can be resolved right now. Furthermore, your name is not well respected around here. As you both are already aware of our location, there is no hiding it. You will remain in the area around the den until we speak again to keep from causing any more unease with the citizens."

Virika blinks, looking to Nevarre. Any traces of weariness are gone. She immediately looks to Eirwyn.

Eirwyn has a flash of surprise cross her features, but she quickly evens it out. She says something quietly to Nevarre.
Eirwyn mumbles "Are ... ... ... if they are refuse?", to Nevarre.

Zayev eyes Nevarre, somewhat warily, "The truth should suffice to offset any unease. We came to be certain all was well at news of the giant... incident. Though of course we will refrain from unnessesary exploration, and movement about of your territory," he says, as a reasonable counter-offer.

Nevarre simply nods his response to Eirwyn before turning back to Zayev, he gaze steady. He says, "We both know that news of the giant incident only served to further your intentions of coming here. I offer this for your own safety, not my own. If you choose not to accept, then so be it. My wolves will know not to harm your scout, but I cannot convey such a message to all of Lantern Waste so easily"

Zayev looks at Nevarre again for a moment, apparently having misinterpreted his words, "Is there a secure shelter nereby the Den?"

Virika's ears flick.

Eirwyn hmms. She looks to Nevarre. "I'm not sure what the closest one to the den is."

Nevarre turns to Eirwyn, "Neither do I." He says to Zayev, "The clearing is the safest place I can offer. Beo keeps constant guard of it, and it is trafficked only by wolves."

Drune glances at Zayev.

Zayev thinks for a moment and gestures his muzzle to the east indicating the nearby shelters. "Your offer is, kind, but we can sleep under the tree. So as not to infringe on your den. I will keep Drune near, and if any show concern I will inform them that you know of our presense."

Nevarre nods, "Very well. I recommend you go while the waste is asleep. Keep your exploring at a minimum."

Zayev nods, "Indeed, I will think out our talk."

Nevarre says, "It is not yet over. I will meet again with you tomorrow."

Zayev nods, "Very well," he says, then nods again, in farewell to Eirwyn, then Virika last.

Eirwyn nods her agreement with Nevarre. "And you should find enough small game to satisfy your hunger, if you have need of it." She glances to Nevarre for confirmation.

Virika gives a faint nod to Zayev.

Nevarre nods his confirmation

Drune nods to the three Ulfden wolves, his expression void of emotion.

Eirwyn nods farewell to Zayev, then Drune.

Zayev turns, makeing his way south, along the base of the cliffs, padding soflty.

Virika remains stationed by the Alphas.

Nevarre watches intently as Zayev and Drune Leave before turning and leaving with Eirwyn and Virika

Eirwyn also watches the two pad away before turning and leaving with the others.

Zayev trots southward, following cliffs.
Drune leaves, following Zayev.