Father Christmas

Father Christmas has arrived in Narnia! Just for you, staff has drawn up a rough schedule of where he'll be on any given date and released it for you to view at your leisure. Log on and greet him!

December 9-11: Sted Cair
December 11-13: Great Woods
December 13-14: Bergdale
December 14-15: Lowlands
December 15-16: Shuddering Wood (Madderholt)
December 16-18: Lantern Waste
December 18-19: Western Ettinsmoor
December 19-20: Upper Plains
December 20-21: Lower Plains (Barfield)
December 21-22: Sted Cair
December 22-23: Great Woods
December 23-25: Bergdale
December 25-26: Carmichael
December 26-27: Lancelyn Green
December 27-28: Chesterton Manor
December 28-29: Andale
December 29- January 2: Coghill
January 2-3: Lancelyn Green
January 3-4: Carmichael
January 4-5: Lowlands
January 5-6: Shuddering Wood
January 6-8: Lantern Waste
January 8-9: Upper Plains
January 9-10: Lower Plains

In other news, the Narnian Christmas party went great last night. Mr. Tumnus, Mr. Beaver, and even some dryads showed up for an impromptu dance! If you want to get in on the Archenland festivities, vote for a date here: http://doodle.com/dtnf5i2rnpffzgtf?. Or request a new Archenland character (even if you already have one!). Remember to vote using your Archenlander's name.

Happy Christmas!