Coghill; Two For the Price of Zero


Townspeople to populate a Medieval-esque village in the heart of Archenland. No dragons (except on every eighteenth day of every tenth month of every sixth year), we promise. This picturesque locale boasts moderate temperatures year-round, as long as you have enough money to purchase coal or an ax to chop your own wood. We guarantee you the chance to work on your figure through strict portion control and access to your own personal fitness plan; blacksmith, miller, and vintner membership options are available. Enjoy stargazing through the roof of your thatched roof cottage and take the chance to spend quality time as a family while you and your loved ones join a weed-pulling society or start your very own pest-control business.

Apply today in person at Coghill Manor House, or send your references to Lord Shar and Lady Elriya. Spaces are filling fast, so sign up now.

We are opening the town of Coghill as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration. The more players we have active in an area, the better chance for the kinds of exciting RP opportunities that make this game enjoyable.

Now is an excellent chance for new Son-of-Adam or Daughter-of-Eve characters to launch Coghill. Even if you already have an Archenlander, staff will approve you for another one, since your alts will be in different regions.

If you're having trouble coming up with a plausible character or backstory idea, let us know that too. We're happy to help.

The right way to do this is to use the REQUEST command. Please remember that all alts are confidential for your protection. If you need to discuss your idea, come to us staffies rather than chatting with another mortal. Thanks.

The game is afoot...