April Fool's Day 2011 Ends!

I hope everyone had a great time yesterday! I know the staff had a great time dreaming up ways to transform NarniaMUCK for April Fool's Day.

Our normal NarniaMUCK server is back up at the normal ports. Just as a reminder:

NarniaMUCK's "official" port is 2050. For some players, port 2050 is a problem, so we also listen on port 1410. So either of the following will work as connection information:

muck.narniamuck.org 2050
muck.narniamuck.org 1410

I want to apologize to those players who normally connect on port 1410--when I switched out the servers I completely forgot about the secondary port and didn't include it in the AFD server's configuration file. d'oh! Everything should be back to normal now!