Lancelyn Green Inn Open

We're proud to announce that the Sun and Moon Inn, located in Lanelyn Green in Archenland, is now open and available to those travelling through Middle Archenland en route to either Carmichael or Andale. The Inn features 9 private rooms at 500 gc/night, and an attached tavern with a nice assortment of edible goods. Many thanks to our builder, Antheia, for providing the building work on the Inn.

It should be noted, however, that the rest of Lancelyn Green is still undergoing development. Bucki has been hard at work constructing the shops, which should be in place shortly. The village currently features a working village and an archery range, and an Arena is also planned.

For those who have not considered an Archenlander alt, you may wish to consider one now. Lancelyn Green could use some residents. Astor and Simetra, newly married, will be moving into the Inn shortly, and they would love company.