MUCKing Today

Today there are literally hundreds of MUCKs in existence, with themes ranging from freeform social games that are essentially glorified chatrooms to intense roleplaying games based on popular literature, movies and video games. Today, with the ever-increasing popularity of MMORPGs (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), such as World of Warcraft, Everquest, Guild Warsetc., MUCKs, MUDs and MUSHes are also enjoying increasing attention and popularity.
Why would someone play a text-only adventure when MMORPGs are available? Probably the most popular reason is that MUCKs and their kin are usually free to play. MMORPGs usually charge for the initial software and then charge an additional monthly membership fee to play. MU*s, on the other hand, require no software and do not usually charge membership fees. Even if you download a telnet client to make gaming easier, you can usually download fully functional demo versions for free, and the registration (should you decide to register) usually costs less than $25.

It is not safe to say, though, that MU*s are simply the poor man's MMORPG. Many MMORPG players also play MU*s, and even those for whom money is not an issue will often choose MU*s over the graphical games. Why? Some say they prefer the text-only approach because it encourages players to use their imaginations. Some feel the lack of graphics makes it easier to role-play characters from favorite books because their mental image of the characters need not be sacrificed to someone else's decisions about how a character looks. Still others play them just because they love them, logic notwithstanding. The games are fun, pure and simple.

Whatever the reason, MU*s are here to stay, and NarniaMUCK, especially, is growing larger all the time. Come take a look, and prepare to be amazed by the depth, excitement and fun that a MUCK can provide.