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Archenland Festival Crafting Contest Winner: Priya!

Congratulations to Priya! Her recipe for Garden Vegetable Soup was selected as the winner for the Cooking category of the Crafting Contests at the Archenland Festival. You'll notice that it has been added to the game so that you too can learn to make it. Also, as an added bonus, Fischer's Tavern in Carmichael is now serving up bowls of Garden Vegetable Soup to chase away the late winter chill.

Welcome New Players!

Just a quick word of welcome to those who are visiting us for the first time!  Each Narnia movie tends to bring us a nice influx of new faces and new friends, and we're very glad to have you!  Please take a moment to explore the website, learn about the game, and see what we're about.  Then click here to LOG ON to the game and see what it's like. Read more »

April Fools Day 2008

Our thanks to everyone who logged on Monday to take part in our annual April Fools' Day celebration. It was noisy, spammy and chaotic, but in a good way. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Many of you have already submitted your lists of 'What's Wrong With NarniaMUCK' entries. As far as I know, they've been counted, tabulated and a winner has been chosen! The comprehensive list (with reference explanations) is as follows: Read more »

Manor at Lancelyn Green... in progress

For those of you Archenlanders (and Narnians) who are wondering who to complain to about Lancelyn Green existing for a good two months now without a manor, Read more »

Father Christmas

Just a reminder to all of our players: Father Christmas is nearing the end of his run. Don't miss out on your opportunity to score some primo swag for your characters. Read more »

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