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May Festival!

Come one, come all – To the festival of the year! We are inviting all able-bodied players and their characters to join us this May for a time of merriment, mingling and an overall good time! The schedule of events will feature another tournament, some interesting announcements, a few special guests (including a certain canon Calormene) and hopefully enough RP to make your heads spin. Wink This is only the beginning of something big and we look forward to seeing all who can make it! (Stay tuned for more specific dates!)

MAY-be Chat Month

For the month of May, we're going to try out the Glow Chat System by adding a global channel. It is possible that you'll think of it as the 'public channel' but it is called "Dreamchat". The usual sorts of commands will allow you to access it, such as 'dreamchat', 'dc'. As I am lazy, I leave the other aliases as an exercise for experimentation.

We'll be trying out a variety of settings throughout the month. This week, the channel is configured so that it has to be turned on each time your character connects (unless it is already connected). The channel WILL NOT announce when someone has started listening to the channel.

It is a public channel, anyone might hear what you say on it, so be conscious of that when you use it. Don't have conversations on it that you intend to be private. As always, be careful not to reveal privileged in-character information, do not use the channel as a way of speculating about player alternate characters, and try not to 'reveal your secret identity'. Play your cards close to your chest, just like a superhero. Smile

We're trying it out from 2012 May 1st (Midnight-GMT) through 11:50 PM GMT on May 31st.

Be Nice!

I play an online computer game which will remain nameless. Socially, the game is a great deal like a MU*...small independently operated servers with a small staff. I had been playing 'lone wolf' style--playing independently of the other players on the game. I paid only marginal attention to what staff and other players were talking about on public chat. On occasion, I saw some things go by that got an raised eyebrow or two, but I ignored it... Read more »

Father Christmas and Christmas Events

Father Christmas is back in Narnia! He'll be wandering about Narnia, Archenland, and even Ettinsmoor from now until January 15th. Find him and get a special prize!

In other Narnian news, please join us for our Christmas feast to be held on December 18th. There will be a breakfast feast opened by Edmund in the "morning" and an evening feast and dance that night-- noon PST and 7pm PST respectively (subject to change). In between Tumnus' house will be open for storytelling and tea, food will be available, and there will be room for dancing, chatting, and friendly spars. All sorts of interesting characters (including celebrated canon characters, generally ostracized characters, highly militant characters, and perpetually inebriated characters) have set out to enjoy the festivities, so this promises to be an event you won't want to miss!

New Log Scrubber!

In the absence of updates to Weisfrill's log scrubber, Glyn has been kind enough to provide us with a new one! Please try it out, and let him know if you have any feedback!

The link to the scrubber can be found in this forum thread:

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