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New help system!

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the game for new and existing players, we have made some hefty enhancements to the help system. This new nhelp brings a number of improvements over the old one:

  • One help system instead of many different ones (help, admin, info, si).
  • Automatic text search if it can't find the article you want.
  • Improved edit system so staff can make updates more easily.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think! The command is nhelp, and will exist alongside the old help systems for some time. I appreciate any suggestions you might have for making it better before we make the big switch!

Combat and Fishing Fixed!

We had a problem recently where fishing and combat commands didn't work properly. Combat would complain about a "divide-by-zero". Feaelin made an improvement to the Glowmuck engine that allows it to handle decimal numbers in MUF programs, but it had an unexpected side-effect that broke these two game systems. Read more »

Mobiles (NPCs and Prey) Improving!

Our mobiles (anything that moves/talks/etc. around on its own without a player) are handled by a program called Animazing. We've had some recent problems with Animazing in that it couldn't stay running the way it normally does... Read more »

Mobiles Improved

In the past, some of the mobiles (butterflies, traveling vendors, and the like) had the possibility of getting stuck if they somehow managed to get to a room they couldn't get out of. There was a mechanism in place for resetting them but later changes to the code broke that feature. Read more »

Crossing That First Border

Anyone who's obtained a new character since the border system was installed probably has had this experience: You've @species'd, @desc'd, attrib'd, jump into the pool, and chosen your starting location.

And then you take that first step and you see: Read more »

Hunger Fixed!

Well, after two years of only being notified we're hungry when we're a few moments from fainting, and then being deluged with messages such that fainting almost seems preferable to staying awake, I have FINALLY revamped Hunger for what I HOPE is the last time. Read more »

New Command: Attrib

Well, it's done! The Attributes program is in, and it seems to be working reasonably well so far. Many thanks to those of you who had to put up with the bulk of the beta-testing this evening. Thanks to you, many badly-colored eyes and hair settings were avoided. Wink Read more »

Practice Swords, Anyone?

I know I promised the Attributes program would be my next big 'Look What I Did!' announcement, but ...well, anyone who has read this entry in my blog knows that expecting me to focus on any one thing for long enough to actually complete it is pretty cavalier.

Nonetheless, sometimes I do act on productive distractions. Such is the case here. Read more »

Revisions to the SR Command

I was working on other programming today (namely the editor for weapons), and realized that that it was high time I quit muttering to myself and fix something that's been bugging me for a long time. Read more »

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