New Clothing Choices!

Well, if you're reading this, you most likely know that I've recently joined the building staff here on the MUCK. (Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me, by the way--I appreciate it.) My department will be clothing/fashion, for which I'm very excited. (I'm a bit of a crazy person when it comes to researching historical clothing and such.) Bucki and I have been brainstorming, and I already have pages of notes and ideas. Some of my plans, just to give you something to look forward to:

  • Different textiles, weaves, colors, patterns, and trims.
  • Different cuts and styles for different classes, occasions, and times of day.
  • Different fabrics and styles for different seasons and weather.
  • Rounding out our types of clothing to make more complete wardrobes. (For example, so far our men have been without trousers.)
  • Accessories! Hats, headdresses, shoes, shawls, belts, bags, aprons, etc.
  • Also, rumor has it that baby gowns, slippers, and bonnets would be appropriate right about now. Wink

So far, I've added trousers, shirts, and work dresses for the hard-working folks, as well as some finer items for our nobility: hose for the men and finer day dresses for the ladies. Also, nightdresses and nightcaps for both classes. It's almost all been in wool for the winter months, but linen and silk will come in the spring and summer. I've got some more staple items in the works, and then it's on to the really fun details. Which leads me to...

Curiosity. I know what my plans are, but what would you like to see? If you've got concepts for items you think would add to the game, feel free to page me or send me a message on the forums. I can't make any promises, but I'll be interested to hear your ideas. Smile

Also... I'm going to try to sketch them as I go and post scans of my drawings here for those of you who are interested... however, I'm horrible at actually carrying these things out within a reasonable time frame, so we'll see. Wink
Over and out!