Colorful Cast and Arena

Well, Bucki here to report her progress on her latest projects.

I have a Tailor Shop ready to go for Carmichael. I am pretty excited about that. Her name is Mortessa. And while she's not as "interesting" as Mor may be, she is in her own right a lot of fun. For the Carmichaelians, there are three 'hidden' details in the shop. Sometimes I like to be rather obvious and pop the item out by making it different (see kitten in Lancelyn Green Hayloft). Not so in this case. It should be rather apparent, but it's just not 'look at me!' But please look. I think you'll be amused.


And don't forget to 'pick up' Mortessa. Laughing out loud

For the Lancelyn Green Residents, I am currently working on your Arena. I apologize for the delay. Normally I'm a lot quicker, but my muse wasn't hitting me. Then in the middle of my work day, Medan suddenly came up to me and BAM! Eager beaver was back in business. And now, Medan is not a real person, but his image was crystal clear. I quickly jotted down what he looked like and then did a quick desc for his son, the target maker. I was pretty pleased. Both are scripted and ready for their characters. The Arena on the other hand, is at the scripting in progress. It will consist of three rooms: a List Lobby, a Practice Pavilion, and a Fighting Field. Hm. A little alliteration going on there.

ANYWAY! Today at work (I do actually work, I promise you I did it over lunch) I jotted down the description for the lobby. I really like it. Not I just need the pavilion and fighting field. With any luck, I should have it scripted and built by this weekend. So! Keep your eyes pealed!