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On Movie Adaptations: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (and a little Prince Caspian)

Well, Voyage of the Dawn Treader has come out and reviews are mixed. For me, I'm as excited about the new players it could draw in as about the movie itself.

Adaptations for film always elicit interesting reactions. Real diehard lovers of literature almost always hate the movie. Even a small deviation is a travesty. Lovers of what my professors call "beach trash" (escapist books or other books you read without intention to think deeply) usually love even the most blasphemously deviant movies as much as or better than the books. Movie-junkies who have never read the books fall under this category, too. Then, of course, there are the forgiving-but-majorly-disappointed-literature-lovers. They'll say things like "well... this scene was pretty accurate..." or "I guess they had to make some changes because it's a movie...". Read more »

Manor at Lancelyn Green... in progress

For those of you Archenlanders (and Narnians) who are wondering who to complain to about Lancelyn Green existing for a good two months now without a manor, Read more »

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