When September Ends

Well, friends.

I won't say this is the end, because I hope it's not. But I am officially taking my name off of active staff at the end of September. I'm starting graduate school for fiction which is super exciting! But most of my creative writing goes into NarniaMUCK, and I need to concentrate all that energy on school, which means I can't staff at the same time. Those of you who are active may have noticed that I've already started to disappear as my grad school duties pile up.

Jarron is still around, and some of our lovely non-RP staff are filling in the gap while Emilia and I are away. You are not abandoned! And I would love to hear about your lives. My plan is to log on Antheia very little if at all, except during my breaks, but you have my staff email if you want to have a bit of personal correspondence. I do expect to be back come summer, and hopefully not miss TOO much of the HHB excitement that will be 2014.

Anyway, thought I ought to officially announce, since I've been getting a few requests lately that I've had to forward on to other staff members. I love you all, my beautiful Narnians. Smile You are so creative and clever and passionate, and I have grown so much over the past 5 years staffing here because of what YOU have given me. I hope I get the chance to work with you again as closely as I have in the past when I'm done with school, but if not, I'm very grateful for the time we've had.