April Fool's Day Preparations

Every year we change large sections of the muck to prank our players for April Fool's Day. It's good fun for both staff and players-- just a full day dedicated to complete and total silliness. It started out long ago (years before my time) with a few amazing staff members who literally got on the night before and changed probably hundreds of rooms in less than 24 hours. We give ourselves a little more time for prep these days, but I am consistently impressed by how much fun and creativity comes out of my fellow staff members (and our players, too, on the day of).

This year I've realized that, besides being a fun break, and a yearly, dependable tradition for old players to come back to, April Fool's Day does much more than simply provide a day for socialization between old and new players. It's a chance for us staff members to refresh unused building skills, learn new ones, and exercise creative thought which can be used in the actual Narnian game, outside of our silly times. It's really been quite fun and surprising to see how much I've learned and how much my creativity can be sparked when I'm presented with something new.

Excited to see you all at April Fool's Day this year!